Commercialisation Manager

“I found Vitae extremely professional to deal with. Their enthusiasm for their work was very evident throughout the recruitment process and I found their attention to detail very beneficial. Vitae took a keen interest in preparing me thoroughly before each interview stage which I felt put me in a strong position to showcase my skills and experience. It was clear to me that Vitae had a clear understanding of the Kerry business and of the role I was applying for. I found Vitae’s two way feedback policy exceptional and something I had not experienced before. Obtaining swift feedback on my performance was fantastic and overall, I found the lines of communication were always open and very transparent. I was very impressed with Vitae’s professionalism when Francesca was brought on board seamlessly to cover Andrew’s annual leave. I found Francesca equally engaging, informative and a great support during the recruitment process. In summary, I found working with Andrew & Francesca an absolute pleasure and I enjoyed it. I will be forever grateful to both of them for giving me this opportunity. I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of support and commitment throughout the recruitment process.”


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