We’re always pleased to hear from high calibre professionals within any of our practice areas. We have a unique offering for candidates either looking to make a move or for those who simply want to explore what their options are. Confidentially is a crucial part of how we operate together with a partnership approach; each of our consultants invest time into developing their networks to ensure that we are always ready when clients action hiring drives at management and director level.  You will always be very well prepared for interviews, the meetings will always be positioned in the right manner and you will always be in control of your CV.

Live roles

If you are registered with us our consultants will find you if we have a suitable role.

Proactive targeting

If you are a new active candidate to Vitae you will be taken through a comprehensive assessment of your move criteria. Our consultants will recommend potential options for you based upon cultural fit and longer term career development potential. We then make confidential introductions on your behalf and prepare you for any process we put you forward for.


Our clients are always open to speaking with market talent who are open to confidential discussions. We talk with our clients regularly and make speculative introductions before briefs have gone to the market. Confidentiality can be assured through a non-disclosure policy agreement between all parties that Vitae are experienced in managing.

We are a headhunting firm not a high volume recruitment firm. You will always know who has your CV and clients will always know the basis of the introduction


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