About us

About us

Vitae allows you to hire with confidence and deal with intelligent consultants with strong market and functional knowledge.

Over the last nine years Vitae has evolved into a reliable and trusted Brand operating globally with great brands and businesses who share our passion for finding and recruiting talent. Our employees all deliver quality over quantity and have a unified attitude towards hard work and delivering results. You get a recruiting partner when working with Vitae who understands the market conditions and challenges and delivers as a preferred supplier.

We can help you in a number of ways, whether it be guidance on where to begin finding someone or looking for a new role, market insight, recruiting process design, succession planning for the future, there are a number of ways to approach the market and each of our teams have the specialist knowledge and track record to support you.

Our service proposition is highly professional, detailed and uncompromising so we find what you are looking for. We do business in a human friendly fashion understanding that recruiting or moving jobs is usually quite simple and comes down to a few key factors. Once you understand these you can design an effective plan of action that works for either side.

Get in touch and we can make your next move or hire much simpler.


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